The Jig Is Up: Delicious Founder’s Tasty Labs Debuts Q&A Meets Problem Solving Platform

We’ve been waiting for Delicious founder Joshua Schacter to debut the secret product coming out of his newest startup Tasty Labs. And today the wait is over with the debut of Jig, a Q&A meets recommendations site.

As fellow co-founder Nick Nguyen writes on Jig’s blog, Our Jig is a website, one that helps you with your needs– by making it easy to share them with people who can help solve them. We built Jig to make it easy to describe what you need with just a few words.

On Jig, you can both try to find something that you ‘need,’ help someone find something they need, search for needs by keyword, or invite others to help solve a problem or meet a need. For example, you can post a need to the Jig community (i.e. I need a new designer for my website, I need a new logo, etc) and then members can suggest solutions, or invite a friend to help.

You can sign in with both Twitter and Facebook to populate your social graph, create a profile with your personal information and follow people on Jig, similar to Quora. You can also specify your ‘affiliations’ which allows you to connect a group of users who share something in common with you. It’s essentially a group-forming feature within the platform.

The site is fairly simple in design and functionality, but clearly this is just the beginning for Jig. As Union Square Ventures partner Fred Wilson notes, Jig is a ‘marketplace for things people need.’ Clearly that goal can evolve in plenty of ways.

Tasty Labs has raised $3 million in funding from Union Square Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and unnamed angel investors.