Hey, Ladies, Would You Like To Look At My VR-Controlled RC Car?

When a man is proud of his hobbies, women notice. Nowhere is that more apparent than in this thread on RCGroups where a dapper young gent, from the comfort of his lounge chair and protected by VR goggles, approached a comely young lass with his RC Tonka truck and, we can only assume, married that same lady in a ceremony held under a sylvan glade alongside her beaming parents.

Or maybe not.

Anyway, this dude drove this:

Traxxas Summit chassis, vintage 1978 Tonka Body NIB, GoPro HD onboard camera with pan/tilt and headtracking, two-way walkie talkie, rear view mirrors, windshield, GI Joe w/kung fu grip, Barbie, 12V motorcycle horn, lights and much more.

On the beach and tried to pick up the ladies. In a way it sort of worked and in another way it didn’t. Watch on.

Potentially NSFW for bikinis, but it’s Friday.

via Nowhereelse