Watch Out, UK. Google TV Is Coming Your Way

Google TV soft launched in the US last September with the Logitech Revue and Sony Internet TV products. Google however is reportedly working on bringing the system to the UK and per a Telegraph report sourcing Eric Schmidt, the fun starts within the next six months. Thankfully, UK buyers don’t exactly have to start saving their quids since both product lines recently got major price cuts.

Google TV hasn’t been a major hit here in the States. It hasn’t, as it was predicted, disrupted big media. Instead, big media shut off access to its online streaming services such as and others, essentially leaving the Google TV as an expensive Netflix streamer. Google has long said that a major update would hit before the end of summer, which will hopefully put the platform back on track.

The Telegraph reports that Eric Schmidt will outline the release plans during his MacTaggart lecture at the Edinburgh Television Festive.

Google TV might have more luck in a different region. The search giant likely learned hard lessons about launching such a product without the graces of big media. If Google makes the right friends, markets the product properly, Google TV might find a cozy home in the UK since its clearly not wanted in the US.