Samsung’s IFA App Reveals New Galaxy Tab, Wave Handset

Samsung’s pre-IFA Unpacked app is usually pretty dry as far as contents are concerned: there are event schedules and press releases aplenty, but some curious Android fans have discovered some juicy new tidbits deep within the app’s innards.

This is my next reports that after a bit of poking around in the app’s contents, logos for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Samsung Galaxy Note, and the Samsung Wave 3 have all been spotted. The Galaxy Tab is probably the most straightforward of the bunch: it’s the closest that Samsung has come to revisiting the original GalTab’s pocketable dimensions, but it hopefully runs Honeycomb like its bigger brothers.

The Wave 3 is presumably a Bada-powered handset, and may well be the one spotted in a leaked roadmap from a few weeks back. The Wave series have been Samsung’s flagship devices for the Bada OS, so the leaked specifications (4″ Super AMOLED display, Bada 2.0, 5 MP camera, 3 GB of onboard storage) may hold true come September.

Most intriguing is the new Galaxy Note; the name would seem to imply (at least to me) a pen-driven tablet a la the HTC Flyer/View 4G, but it may well be another smartphone Samsung will be adding to its inventory.

Samsung has recommended for Unpacked users to update the app come September 1st, most likely to flesh out these and other upcoming devices with some official details. Here’s hoping that another update comes even sooner than that — who knows what surprises may lay hidden inside?