RIM To Finally Fix The PlayBook Tablet, BBM and Native Email Coming In September

The BlackBerry PlayBook is impressive upon first look. You pick it up, quickly scroll through the apps, and jump online. It all works like it’s supposed to. But then you find out it can’t hook up to your email; a BlackBerry needs to be connected through the BlackBerry Bridge. This connection also enables BBM, calendar and an address book, but an update due next month will finally bake several key features into the PlayBook.

Per most reviews and assessments, RIM launched the BlackBerry PlayBook a bit too early. Email is a basic function of every other tablet on this green earth but is somewhat difficult on the PlayBook even though its target audience of businesses rely heavily on that particular form of communication. The good news is that the fix is on its way, but it might be too late.

The PlayBook has struggled to find a footing in the iPad-dominated tablet market partly because of the early negative reviews but RIM should have seen this coming. Launching a product before its fully developed and then relying on updates, which the PlayBook got initially on a weekly basis, does not breed confidence.

The email and BBM updates are supposed to launch next month. Per a Bloomberg source, RIM might also launch a so-called Android player still this year that would allow the PlayBook to run Android apps. Will these features revive the PlayBook and spur a sudden demand? Probably not, but at least RIM is sticking to improving its platform and taking care of owners. That’s something HP wouldn’t know anything about.