OfficeTime Expense Tracking Software Expands To iOS With iPhone, iPad Apps

Time and expense tracking is tedious, even on a personal level. Dealing with it in an office environment is clearly much worse. But OfficeTime is looking to make that a bit easier, today announcing its expansion from just a PC/Mac desktop app to iOS. For something as annoying as expense tracking, OfficeTime took a smart approach for mobile. The theme here is “the fewer taps, the better.”

The iOs versions seem to have most of the same features as the desktop app. One-touch reports would be one of them, which allow users to get instant access to project tasks, time spent working on them, and expenses, along with a way to compare to last month’s reports. There’s also a way for freelancers to track their hours and even see how their pay measures against a fixed-cost estimate.

The apps also feature team reporting, which offers cross-team reports on who did what (and when they did that what) through the ability to sync between iPads, iPhones, Macs and PCs. No matter where you plug in info, it shows up across all devices. The app also lets users export anything to Excel or Numbers.

The iPhone and iPad apps will go for $7.99 in the App Store, with the desktop apps retailing for $47. No monthly subscription required.