Netflix Hits The Asus Transformer, More To Come?

Quick! Asus Transformer owners! Check your system updates. The Internet is awash with claims that build enables sideloading of the Netflix app. Right now, only the Lenovo IdeaPad K1 and ThinkPad Tablet are Netflix certified, forcing owners of other Honeycomb tablets to side load the app, something that previously wasn’t possible on the Transformer.

It’s rather surprising that this official update adds the ability. If it was intentional or not, owners should probably install the app without haste. The next build could remove the ability. But if it was intentional, the move is further proof that manufacturers are not afraid to go around Honeycomb’s limitations. OEMs had to employ back-door hacks and 3rd party software to include a working SD card slot. Now if only Motorola would do something similar for the non-functioning SD card slots in the GED Xooms.