Create A Twisted Dreamscape Of Screaming Skulls With These DIY Animatronics

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Are you the kind of person who would love to have an animatronic Gary Coleman on your shelf, his pudgy face cursing like a sailor at your guests while you roller skate around your basement wearing a skin-tight rubber suit and sing reggae-infused Coldplay covers? If you said “Absolutely!” then read on.

This DIY shows you how to make googley eyes that move, a real, working mouth, and eyebrows. A microcontroller handles the servo controls and ensures that your creation reacts more like a robot and less like something out of the Hall of Presidents.

You can see the plans on Pyrolectro so you, too, can make a strangely staring POTUS out of motors, cardboard, and wire. The full tutorial includes sections on all of the pertinent parts. Here are two examples of working faces below.