StackMob, The “Heroku For Mobile”, Partners With… Heroku!

We’ve written about StackMob twice, both times calling it the “Heroku For Mobile” in the title. Yeah, “X For Y” titles are pretty lame. But I mean, that’s pretty much exactly what StackMob is — and they embrace it. In fact, they embrace it so much that today they’re announcing a key partnership with… wait for it… Heroku!

StackMob is integrating with Heroku as an add-on that extends the mobile platform to all Ruby developers on Heroku. This means APIs, OAuth, Push Notifications, and analytics for mobile are all coming over in the integration. With these easy-to-implement solutions, developers can spend less time worrying about backend development for both desktop and mobile and more time worrying about frontend implementation.

“As the mobile market continues to grow, we see not only more data-driven applications being built but ones with more complex data,” says StackMob CEO and co-founder Ty Amell. “These highly interactive apps require code to process data on servers instead of on devices. The Heroku add-on allows StackMob to extend its technology to Ruby developers so they can focus on building feature-rich applications.”

StackMob says that other features such as social integration and Node.js support will be coming soon. They’re also offering up a $1,000 prize for the best mobile app built using both StackMob and Heroku during the Dreamforce Hackathon.

Even though StackMob is still in private beta, all Heroku users that want access will get it with the partnership.