About.me Wants You To Be The Face Of Its New Times Square Billboard Ad Campaign

Personal profile startup About.me, which is owned by our parent company AOL, is looking for the ‘face of About.me’ and is kicking off a contest to feature profiles housed on the site in a new ad campaign.

For background, About.me offers people free profile pages. On your dedicated profile page, can include your name, bio and links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites that have information about you. Users can also upload high-resolution photos to the site, making profiles look fairly sleek and professional with minimal effort. You can check out co-founder Tony Conrad’s profile here.

The company is about to embark on a huge ad blitz and is trying to find the faces of the campaign from existing and new users. New and existing About.me users will be asked to opt in to the contest on their profile, and once opted-in, any visitor to that profile can vote on the About.me page to be featured in the campaign. The contest only launched a few hours ago and is already gaining buzz on Twitter.

Three lucky About.me users who have the most votes will be featured in the Fall campaigns (which includes a billboard in New York City’s Times Square, as well as other billboards, ads in taxis and in-flight ads), and will be flown to New York along with a guest to attend a special event for the kickoff of the billboard campaign. Seven runners-up will also be featured in the billboard and other advertisements.

The last day of voting is September 20, so time is ticking to get your face in the middle of Times Square!

Disclosure: TechCrunch is also owned by AOL.