Thrive Capital Raises New $40 Million “Scalable” Fund

Thrive Capital’s first venture fund was just $10 million, but the fund made 27 investments and more than a couple look like home runs. That fund, closed in 2009, holds stock in GroupeMe (acquired by Skype), Greplin,, Warby Parker, Zaarly, Fab, Bank Simple, HotPotato (acquired by Facebook), KickStarter and OnSwipe, among others. Not bad for the sole partner, 26 year old Joshua Kushner, who’s also a cofounder of embattled but hugely successful Vostu.

Now Kushner has raised a second, $40 million venture fund. But unlike most other funds, Thrive also has a co-investment structure with some of their limited partners that enables the fund to write much larger checks. The effective size of the fund is much larger, possibly up to $100 million.

Thrive Capital is based in New York. The fund is not responding to press inquiries.