HP Pre 3 Will Never Come To US, But It’s Crazy Cheap In Europe

On the heels of the HP’s first and likely last webOS fire sale, word has come from across the pond thatthey’re also deeply discounting the cost of the newly-launched Pre 3 smartphone in most European markets.

While it was originally available for the princely sum of £299 in the U.K. and €349 in France (both around $500), HP’s price evisceration brings the cost down to a remarkably reasonable $75 sans contract. Germany won’t be benefiting from price cuts because all the units have already been sold, believe it or not.

Phenomenal deal though it may be, it comes with a bit of bad news for domestic webOS fans. HP had hopes for controlling the webOS ecosystem from end to end, and without the TouchPad, it would seem they don’t see the need to launch the Pre 3 in the United States. It’s a shame, really: the Pre3 was HP’s last chance at relevance in the smartphone market, and more than a few webOS diehards were waiting more or less patiently for it.

If you’ve got money in your pocket and a yearning for webOS in your heart, feel free to import it when it goes on sale “shortly.” Be warned though, in spite of the Pre 3’s above-average specs, expect some spottiness when it comes to coverage. T-Mobile users will be relegated to EDGE speed, and AT&T will have partial 3G coverage at best.

[via PCMag]