HTC Releases Evo 3D Bootloader Unlock Tool

It’s only been a few days since HTC got its bootloader unlock tool up and running, but unfortunately it was only made available to owners of the European/international version of the HTC Sensation. Obviously that didn’t do a lot to help our American hackers get what they want. But today, HTC threw some love our way making the bootloader unlock tool available to owners of the HTC Evo 3D, according to HTC’s Facebook page.

If you’re interested in a little Evo customization, head on over to HTC Dev for instructions. You’ll have to download the next update, which will come over the air. And just in case you’re a noob, it’s only fair that I warn you: unlocking the bootloader on your phone voids any and all warranties associated with the phone. So once it’s unlocked, proceed with caution in all your tinkering endeavors.

Game on, hackers!