Fake Steve Jobs Biography Already Available In China

If you can’t wait for the official Steve Jobs biography, why not pick up a fake one for $8? “Translated” by someone apparently named “John Cage” (presumably there are 4.33 pages blank near the middle), the book has sold 4,000 copies at $10 a pop.

MICGadget has a quite a bit of poorly translated info on the book, which has been out since April. No one is claiming that this is the real deal but they’re not going to pull it from the shelves, either, claiming it’s close enough. The book’s title translates roughly to “Steve Jobs Gives 11 Advices To Teenager,” which suggest this might be a clever mash-up of a commencement speech and a 19-page Ars Technica OS X Lion review.

Regardless, you probably won’t be reading this biography over here any time soon, but it’s nice to note that iPhone 5s aren’t the only unreleased Apple-related products being pirated in China.