Amazon Registers a Dozen “Cloud Video” Domains

Amazon has obtained a dozen new domain names related to its cloud video service, including things like “,” “,” and “,” to name just a few. The domains were registered one day prior to the company’s big announcement that its on-demand video library had reached the 100K mark, with 9,000 titles available for streaming at no extra charge through Amazon’s Prime membership program.

Amazon has been working aggressively to increase its video lineup, in an effort to compete more directly with video streaming leader, Netflix. For example, this particular milestone was reached, in part, thanks to recent content deals with CBS and NBC Universal, which helped Amazon to greatly increase the size of its on-demand catalog. Amazon also has deals with all major studios and networks, to varying degrees.

With Amazon Instant Video, customers can rent or buy newly released movies and watch popular TV shows they day after they air from any “compatible device.”

And speculation has it that there will be a new “compatible device” sometime later this yearAmazon’s long-rumored Android-based tablet. The increased efforts to boost its video catalog could, in fact, be related to those plans. With a service offering a hundred thousand plus movies and TVs shows, the Amazon tablet computer would have a decided advantage over other iPad competitors, which often have addressed the need for a content ecosystem as an afterthought.

Here is a complete list of the domains Amazon registered:

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