Motorola Droid HD Smiles For The Camera, Droid Bionic Tags Along

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Droid HD. The previously unseen handset was known to be floating around, thanks to its EXIF data making a quick appearance on Flickr, but the Droid HD is ready for a bit of spotlight.

The Droid Bionic has been enjoying its share of attention for months now, even as its release date keeps getting pushed further and further back. Now that we have a good handle on when we can get one, the Bionic is starting to pop up in photoshoots left and right. Engadget got their hands today on what are by far most detailed shots of the Bionic taken to date, but the Droid HD was there to steal the show.

First impressions: it’s approaching an Infuse 4G-level of thin, even with a huge battery and an 8 megapixel mounted on the rear. The device appears to be running Gingerbread (no surprise there), and it naturally packs a microUSB and Micro-HDMI port. The MicroSD card and SIM card slots are tucked away on the opposite side of the device’s svelte frame.

The device’s name and inclusion of a SIM card immediately suggest the device’s global nature, but hopefully it turns out to be one of Verizon’s SIM-toting 4G LTE devices. If that were the case, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Motorola and Verizon were to play with the branding a bit. The name “Droid HD” seems a little droll next to something with a bit of oomph like the Bionic, but looking at the form factor and its emphasis on size, the Droid HD may well be the successsor to the Droid X2.

Any word on release dates would be pure speculation at this point, but the unit looks surprisingly complete for something that hasn’t been officially announced. It could be Motorola’s next big GSM phone, or Verizon could be working on their holiday blitz strategy, but until more news surfaces, Droid fanatics will just have to settle for more eye-candy.