500 Startups Demo Day: McClure’s Second Batch Of Startups, Unleashed

We’re in Mountain View at Dave McClure’s 500 Startups HQ where the second-ever 500 Startups Demo Day is about to start. Today, 31 startups will present to press and investors here in McClure’s bright and sunny Mountain View office and you can watch them here, live.

McClure’s 500 Startups primarily invests in early stage startups that focus on the “Three Ds,” design, data and distribution. The incubator invests between $25K to $250K in its portfolio companies; startups that are part of the 500 Startups accelerator program get a $50K investment from the fund at a $1 million valuation and can stay in the 500 Startups offices for around four months. Companies that are part of McClure’s seed program receive up to $250K in seed funding.

McClure tells me that 500 Startups is primarily looking for startups that have an easily understandable story. “We definitely aim for monetization but there’s a few that are still working on that,” he says, “Runaway growth and no business model isn’t our thing, we’re far more interested in things that aren’t so sexy but make money.”

All in all, the 500 Startups brood is now comprised of 175 startups, including InDinero, FoodSpotting, Twilio, Wildfire, Send Grid, Zozi, My Gengko, e La Carte, Ginzametrics and 955 Dreams. Thus far, McClure has had four exits: Cardmunch to LinkedIn, BackType to Twitter, Punchd to Google and Backyard to Pixelfish.

McClure tells me that the startups pitching at this Demo Day are unified by a strong international and female founder thread and “attitude” (which is why I cover 500 Startups I guess). He also tells me that he’s looking for new startups starting next week, specifically searching for groups from South America or Brazil. The new brood will start in October.

Livestream above. List of the presenting companies, demo videos and their taglines, below.

ToutApp http://toutapp.com @toutapp
Are you tired of re-writing the same emails over and over? Toutapp helps you send and respond to emails faster with the power of Templates and Email Tracking.
AngelList: http://angel.co/tout
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/toutapp

VidCaster http://www.vidcaster.com @vidcaster
VidCaster is an easy way to make a video site on your own domain name.
AngelList: http://angel.co/vidcaster

DailyAisle www.dailyaisle.com @dailyaisle
Daily Aisle is the easiest place to plan and book your wedding (Expedia for Weddings Vendors).
AngelList: http://angel.co/dailyaisle
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/dailyaisle

AppGrooves http://appgrooves.com/ @AppGrooves
AppGrooves is a feedback platform for developers to optimize app discoverability.
AngelList: http://angel.co/appgrooves
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/appgrooves

Loku http://loku.com @loku
Living local starts here – Big Data for local.
AngelList: http://angel.co/loku
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/loku

Kibin www.kibin.com @kibininc
Kibin is the easiest way to get feedback and editing on your writing.
AngelList: http://www.angel.co/kibin
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/kibin

OVIA http://oviahr.com/ @teamovia
OVIA is a video interviewing platform that allows companies to screen people not resumes.
AngelList: http://angel.co/ovia

BugHerd http://www.bugherd.com @bugherd
BugHerd is the visual issue tracker for the web.
AngelList: http://angel.co/bugherd
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/bugherd

Skipola http://skipola.com @theskipola
Skipola saves restaurants money on online ordering fees by providing them with the tools to distribute their own white-label mobile apps.
AngelList: http://angel.co/skipola
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/skipola

LaunchBit http://www.launchbit.com @launchbit
Ad network for email.
AngelList: http://angel.co/launchbit
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/launchbit

Tinfoil Security http://tinfoilsecurity.com @tinfoilsecurity
Tinfoil is the simplest way to protect your website from outside hackers.
AngelList: http://angel.co/tinfoil-security
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/TinfoilSecurity

Culture Kitchen http://www.culturekitchensf.com @culturekitchsf
Ethnic cooking classes taught by the grandmas you wish you had.
AngelList: http://angel.co/culture-kitchen
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/culturekitchen

StoryTree http://www.storytree.me @storytree
Storytree helps you capture and share your family stories.
AngelList: http://angel.co/storytree
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/storytree

DailyGobble http://www.dailygobble.com @dailygobble
DailyGobble powers 1-to-1 marketing and yield management for restaurants.
AngelList: http://angel.co/dailygobble-1
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/dailygobble

Vayable http://www.vayable.com @vayable
Vayable is a social marketplace for experiences.
AngelList: http://angel.co/vayable
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/vayable

SingBoard http://singboard.com @singboard
Singboard is where YouTube meets karaoke.
AngelList: http://angel.co/singboard
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/singboard

ChirpMe http://www.chirpme.com
Connecting people through amazing dates!
AngelList: http://angel.co/chirpme
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/chirpme

From.Us http://from.us @fromdotus
From.us crowd sources the gift selection and gift purchasing process.
AngelList: http://angel.co/from-us
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/fromUs

Welcu http://welcu.com @welcu
Welcu is the best way to manage high-end, unique events.
AngelList: http://angel.co/welcu
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/welcu

Console.fm http://console.fm @consolefm
Awesome music, without the hassle.
AngelList: http://angel.co/console-fm
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/consolefm

Zerply http://www.zerply.com/ @zerply
Professional networking done right.
AngelList: http://angel.co/zerply

WillCall http://getwillcall.com @willcall
WillCall is HotelTonight for live music and theater.
AngelList: http://angel.co/willcall
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/willcall

Volta http://getvolta.com @getvolta
Volta is a cross-device, always-in-sync, call queue management solution for businesses.
AngelList: http://angel.co/volta
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/volta

Appetizer http://goappetizer.com
Appetizer makes it dead simple for small businesses to engage their customers with a useful mobile app.
AngelList: http://angel.co/appetizer
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/appetizer

ManPacks http://manpacks.com @manpacks
Manpacks makes purchasing men’s essentials like underwear, socks, shirts, shaving products and condoms simple, fast, and fun.
AngelList: http://angel.co/manpacks
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/manpacks

Snapette http://www.snapette.com @snapette
Discover and share great fashion in stores around you.
AngelList: http://angel.com/snapette
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/snapette

Cardinal Blue http://cardinalblue.com @PicCollage
Cardinal Blue makes Pic Collage, a Top 10 Photo App for the iPad and iPhone.
AngelList: http://angel.co/cardinal-blue
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/cardinalblue

CoderBuddy http://www.coderbuddy.com/ @coderbuddy CoderBuddy is a Next-generation Odesk meets Heroku.
AngelList: http://angel.co/coderbuddy
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/coderbuddy

CraftCoffee http://craftcoffee.com @craftcoffeeco
Craft Coffee is a monthly subscription service for amazing coffee experiences.
AngelList: http://angel.co/craftcoffee
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/craftcoffee

LaunchRock http://launchrock.com @getlaunchrock
We GET users.
AngelList: http://angel.co/launchrock
SlideShare: http://slideshare.net/500startups/launchrock