Keen On… What Really Turns People On? (TCTV)

What’s on the end of your fork? Do you go online to look at young women or MILFs and cougars? Do you like coercion fantasies about alpha males? Or do you prefer gay romance stories?

Up till now, these questions about our online sexual behavior have, at best, been speculative. But at last, we have data – hard, authoritative data – on what we are really getting up to online when we think nobody is watching us. Two Boston University trained cognitive scientists, Dr Ogi Ogas and Dr Sai Gaddam, have crunched millions of data points from sites as diverse as Dogpile, AOL, OKCupid and Pornhub, to reveal the true nature of sexual desire in our Internet age. And they’ve published their findings in an incredibly provocative new book, A Billion Wicked Thoughts that charts what a billion people do when you put them in a “virtually darkened room”.

When I interviewed Ogi Ogas, he told me that A Billion Wicked Thoughts is the first scientific investigation of the “true nature of sexual desire”. More shockingly, he revealed to me what really turns on people. Men like watching, Dr Ogas explained, and they have an “unlimited appetite” for amateurs. More men search for photos of 50 year-olds than 19 year-olds. And women? Well, he explained, women like things altogether different.

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