Jeremy, Call Your Mother — She’s Worried Sick

When we switched to Facebook comments several months ago, we spun it as a way to combat the trolls. But you know, there was actually a secret agenda. We wanted to bring families closer together.

And it’s with great pleasure that I can now announce that it’s working.

Earlier today, we ran a post entitled, “German Court Suspends Galaxy Tab Injunction In The Apple-Samsung Case“. Apple, Android, courts, lawsuits, intrigue — fairly standard TechCrunch fare. But a comment on the story was easily better than the story itself (no offense, Jordan):

“call me ASAP,” wrote Kathy Krumsick.

Sounds urgent. What was it in relation to? Well her son, Jeremy Krumsick, had left a comment on the post.

Sure, Jeremy was sort of calling out our writer (again, sorry Jordan). But we’ll forgive that because we’re helping families bond here.

With that in mind, Jeremy, please call your mother! She’s worried sick!

The back-and-forth between Jeremy and his mother actually continued in our comment section. “damn mom, always gotta be blowin up my spot on techcrunch…,” Jeremy wrote. “don’t let your phone go dead and I won’t have to use these extreme measures!! sorry honey!,” his mother responded.


“Mom – I love you. But you just gotta stop talking to me via TechCrunch comments…,” Jeremy said in response one final time, ending the rift.

Jeremy, not only should you be calling your mother more often, but you shouldn’t talk back!

In all seriousness (well, more like half seriousness), this is one downside of using Facebook comments. Because the comments get pushed back to commenters’ Facebook Walls, anyone is free to respond from there, off-topic or not.

At least, that’s what I have to assume happened. Or perhaps Jeremy’s mom really was reading TechCrunch looking for her son.

Either way, we’re here to help. Let us know if you need anything else Kathy and Jeremy!

Update: Kathy has updated us in the comments below:

Please know that Jeremy has called! Facebook/TechCrunch worked! The reason I was looking for him was to talk about his job search. So now this must be fate, he has always wanted to work in a startup! And you told me you would help if we needed anything else!

Success! Now if any startup wants to hire a good son, let him know!