Analytics Platform Kontagent Now Tracking 150M Users; $1 Of Every $4 Spent In Social Gaming

It seems that every day another company in the tech industry hits an important milestone, but the one achieved today by Kontagent, the social analytics platform for app developers, is pretty impressive. The fbFund winner is now tracking over 150 million monthly active users (MAUs) and is handling over 1 billion messages per day. Broken down, that’s 15,000+ messages per second, or more than twice the number of tweets than Twitter processed at its peak during the women’s World Cup finals.

Since February, Kontagent has added tracking for another 50 million users and has more than doubled the number of messages its processing. The words “aggressive scaling” come to mind.

This scaling is likely due to the fact that, last month, the startup moved beyond simply tracking analytics for developers on Facebook and added tracking for web and mobile apps (not on FB) as well. The new platform, called kSuite, builds on the startup’s prior functionality by giving developers new and improved ways of tracking and optimizing advertising efforts, user virality, in-app mechanics, virtual goods, and currency monetization.

All told, Kontagent now has more than 1,100 active social and mobile applications using its on-demand enterprise software, including Ubisoft, Time Warner, A&E Networks, EA, and Tencent, to name a few. As many of the startup’s larger clients have been making investments in social gaming (EA today acquired Bight Games and acquired PopCap last month), the company is now tracking one in every four dollars spent by social gamers.

Some recent big moves by the four-year-old startup certainly seem to be paying off, but we’ll see how fluidly Kontagent scales as it continues hoovering up new users and customers. And although the company has raised over $5 million to date, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re on track for a new round in the not-so-distant future. But that’s just speculation, don’t quote me on that.