About.com’s Calorie Count iOS App Adds Voice Recognition; Food-Logging And More

About.com’s Calorie Count iPhone app is getting a nifty upgrade today, with the addition of voice recognition technology to the dieting app (courtesy of iSpeech). The newest version of the app allows users vocally record food choices, and then search the app’s database to pull nutritional information from more than 250,000 choices.

The apps, which has more than 2.9 million users, allows user to record multiple food items and serving sizes at once within an allotted 15-second timeframe. Once recorded, the app will automatically search the Calorie Count database and provide a list of detailed nutritional information for each of the individual items spoken. All these items can then be added to the user’s food journal.

The new version of the app also includes an improved food-logging experience, giving users the ability to switch between their multiple food, activity and personalized lists without ever leaving the logging screen. You can also search and add several items to your food journal at one time.

The app’s other functionality features a barcode scanner, visual weight logs with interactive graphs,
the ability to compare intake and daily burn expenditure, low-calorie and healthy recipes and more.