HTC Finally Offers Bootloader Unlock, U.S. Users Must Wait

HTC has spent the past few weeks hinting and teasing us with the availability of their bootloader unlock tool, but at long last the wait is over. If you own an international HTC Sensation, then congratulations: you’re free to mosey over to HTC Dev to get your fix.

Android developers and enthusiasts alike shouldn’t have much trouble, especially considering the excellent quality of HTC’s walkthrough, but a little extra caution couldn’t hurt. Newbies to the Android development scene, on the other hand, should really take things slowly: the process involves working with the Android SDK, which takes a little bit of getting used to for the uninitiated. Even though HTC does a fine job of walking you through the process involved, it’s still the sort of thing that’s easily botched if you’re not careful.

HTC still offers no word on when the tool will be made available for devices of a more domestic persuasion, but rest assured Peter Chou and company are on the case. For those of you with T-Mobile Sensations and Sprint EVO 3Ds, your day will come, but the more impatient among you always have other options.