Angry Birds Now Available In Creamy And Not-So-Deadly MooncakeForm

Yep. Angry Birds are officially in the public consciousness. It’s part of the world’s culture now. Nothing proves that more than these official Angry Birds mooncakes. There’s simply no escaping the onslaught of flying birds — even though the game is tired and played-out.

The likely tasty pies are part of Rovio’s new merchandise announced for the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. The gaming company also unveiled a Chinese-themed update to Angry Birds Seasons a few weeks back. But who cares about an app, right? Moon pies are the bigger story.

These treats sell in pairs for $38 HKD (around $4.90) and seem to come in a fun tote bag! What a deal! Unfortunately they seem to be sold only at a Angry Birds/Rovio store in China. They might even be only available during the festival. I’m just concerned that these moon pies, since they’re, you know, mooncakes, won’t be effective pig killers.