This Electric Plane Is Powered By Its Own By Solar Hangar

Aviation enthusiasts interested in greener flying might put an Elektra One plane on their wish lists. PC-Aero‘s electric aircraft can fly for up to three hours on one charge with a 100mph cruising speed. The charging happens inside a solar-powered hangar included in the plane’s anticipated purchase price of $145,000.

The plane successfully completed its inaugural flight last spring, and will go on sale mid next year, pending certification as a new ultralight class aircraft in Germany. It recently won the Lindbergh Electric Aircraft Prize for aviation innovation.

Designed to maximize efficiency, the craft is made of a light fiber composite. With the battery, the plane weights about 440 pounds, and the whole thing is powered by a 13.4 kilowatt (17.96 horsepower) engine.

Don’t expect to invite friends on board, however: The aircraft only seats one person and the maximum cargo weight – pilot included – is 220 pounds.

Elektra One cuts down not only on air pollution, but noise pollution as well: Its engineers say the the plane produces one fifth the noise emitted by regular aircraft, and one half the noise produced by regular ultralight planes.

Watch the aircraft in action here: