W3i Launches New Service For iOS Game Developers

Monetization and distribution network for app developers, W3i, is today announcing a program specifically for iOS Game Developers. The new service, now in beta, is simply being called “Games Platform,” the company says. And its goal will be to solve the challenges facing game developers such as server set-up, maintenance, security, storefronts and analytics.

The idea for the service was sparked by a number of interviews with mobile game developers, conducted by W3i over recent weeks. The most common headaches, especially for small-time or hobbyist developers, was dealing with the setup of the infrastructure needed to support their applications, the company found. Most developers would rather focus on actually developing their game Рnot server set up and maintenance.

In addition, the new service will also help freemium developers create and maintain a virtual goods storefront which is easily re-usable across multiple games. Plus, the included analytics service will detail the breakdown of revenue by item within this storefront, which is a feature several competing analytics services don’t currently offer.

W3i is now inviting interested developers to sign up for the beta service and give feedback. In return for testing the service, those developers will receive access at no charge. There will be a limited number of spots available during the beta period. No official public launch date or pricing information has been announced at this time.

You can learn more about the new program here.