Spotify's iPhone usage jumps

No-one really knows what Spotify’s US growth has been since launch a month ago month, but it appears to be making an impact on American iPhone users. Onavo, a service which shrinks your data use on the iPhone, can track what data people are using, and has thus produced some interesting stats.

Spotify’s app is very aware of its data usage allowing plenty of control such as the ability to disable the sync of playlists over 3G and offline listening, among other options.

Spotify is said to have 1.4 million Americans using it, although it’s been available in a handful of European countries since 2008. Despite this, Onavo also says Spotify’s iPhone app has reached 4% penetration in July – surpassing France, The Netherlands and UK, which are veteran Spotify countries.

Onavo says:

“Sweden still leads the free music streaming service’s usage, as one in five iPhone users in Sweden is a Spotify listener, followed closely by Norway (16%) and Spain (6%). Americans are no strangers to cloud-based streaming music services, such as Rhapsody and Rdio, but by analyzing mobile data usage for July, it seems US music lovers definitely missed Spotify and were envious of their friends across the pond.”