Canon Lens Shot Glasses, For Drinkin’ And Shootin’

Lens-related ephemera seems to be a soft spot of mine. Canon thermoses, Canon mugs, Nikon Mugs, Nikon bracelets — the fun never stops. Or, alternatively, it never starts, if you’re a Pentax user. All you get is great cameras and an amazing lens selection.

For the photographer who likes a tipple now and then, or just loves things that look like lenses, consider these twee 24-105mm zoom shot glasses. I can’t vouch for the image stabilization, but you can’t fault them for their size.

Their capacity is 1.5oz (i.e. a normal shot glass), they’re made of sturdy glazed ceramic, and they cost $18 for a set of three over at Photojojo.

[via OhGizmo]