Y Combinator’s 7th Annual Startup School Set For October

Y Combinator has just unveiled the dates and times of its 7th Annual Startup School; 2011’s event will take place on October 29th at Stanford University, where hundreds will gather to listen to talks about entrepreneurship and innovation by some of the Valley’s most influential founders and investors.

While the event is free, it is always extremely popular. Attendees must fill out an application form, with a September 28th deadline, and founders and aspiring founders will find out whether they’ve been accepted on October 4th.  Past Y Combinator Startup Schools have included talks from Mark Zuckerberg, Ron Conway, Paul Graham and Andrew Mason, which explains the high demand.

Posterous founder and Y Combinator part-time advisor Garry Tan describes why the experience was so unique, “Startup School 2008 was my first interaction with YC — I didn’t know anything about starting a startup even though I had worked at one. It is probably the most direct way to get valuable wisdom from the most brilliant people in the industry, meet others like you… real hackers and future founders, not like any other startup conference.”

We will of course be covering it just like we did last year.