TC Cribs: Inside Etsy’s Handcrafted Wonderland

We’re back for a new episode of TC Cribs, and this one is chock-full of unique, incredible creations that you’ll never see in another office: yep, we made it to Etsy.

The Brooklyn-based company gives artists, designers, sculptors, and all sorts of other creative people a place to sell their wares online — and the startup is eating its own dogfood by decorating its office with items purchase from the site. And boy, does it work. You can’t walk three feet without stumbling across a man-made out of metal wire or freakishly massive owl.

Bonus: if you watch til the end, you’ll see a sleep-deprived version of me make a painful attempt at playing Heart and Soul. Yeah, we had to cut out some profanity.

Thanks, as always, to Ashley Pagán and John Murillo for the camera work, and to Mr. Murillo for the editing and fantastic music selection.

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