Mad Catz Intros The Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Albino Gaming Mouse For The Style-Obsessed Gamer

Are you not sticking out at your LAN parties? Does your mouse look like all rest? Are you feeling the need for something new, fresh, and, dare I say, innovative? Well, fellow gaming friend, Mad Catz has something for you!

The company just announced a new version of its rather strange Cyborg R.A.T. 7 gaming mouse. This new version, dubbed the Albino thanks to its matte white paint scheme, features the same infamous design found in the rest of the R.A.T. line along with an enhanced 6400DPI sensor, which lends to improved tracking and response. Yes, friend, this boy will make you the king of the nerds at your next LAN party.

The mouse just went on pre-order for $99. That’s slightly more than an average gaming mouse, but well within the price range most gamers are willing to drop in the hope for more frags. That’s also the same price as the black R.A.T. 7, but the white color scheme will certainly impress the ladies — as if ladies care about the color of your mouse.