Justin.TV’s Video Gaming Portal Twitch.TV Is Growing Fast

In June Justin.tv launched TwitchTV, a live-streamed video game portal and community for gamers. It was an interesting move considering the video streaming company hadn’t really explored any verticals until then. But it looks like the startup’s move paid off. Twitch.TV is growing like gangbusters, and posted 8 million unique viewers worldwide in July.

Twitch.TV saw 1 billion minutes viewed in July, with traffic doubling. Of course, that’s a far cry from YouTube billions of daily views. But for a recently launched niche vertical, it’s still impressive.

For background, TwitchTV features competitions of a variety of games and platforms with top gamers, tournaments and commentary. The platform aims to be a one-stop-shop for live video for ‘eSports,’ which Justin.tv says is synonymous with competitive video gaming.

Twitch.TV aslo recently debuted a partner program for game developers and now has 500 total partners via the program.

The platform is also piggybacking on the massive success of Machinima, another online video gaming site which is seeing major traction amongst gamers.