SEROPI-2 Robot Performs With Humans, Can Bend To Grab Things From The Ground

The Korean Institue of Industrial Technology’s SEROPI project has already produced one imposing-looking robot, SEROPI-1, and now they’ve announced the completion of SEROPI-2, an oddly Johnny-5-looking robo personality that is shown here interacting with children and actors on a stage.

SEROPI-2 is four feet tall and moves at 7.2 kilometers per hour. He can also bend down to grab stuff off the floor and he has stereo vision, force sensors, a laser range finder, and a navigation system. He’s considerably sleeker than his previous incarnation thanks to improved materials and design.

What is he good for? Well, he’s clearly having fun with the kids but the ability to move around and interact with objects on the ground is particularly useful in industrial and military settings. The various autonomous systems also point to a number of interesting use cases including remote exploration and health care. It is my hope that he and his kind will show us mercy when they eventually come to power.