How To Make Your Own iPad Head Girl Helmet

Well, not really, but Thinkmodo has put out a new video showing some behind the scenes footage of how they, in partnership with Clockwork Apple, created the iPad Head Girl hat, um…head piece. The thing actually looks pretty solid, although I would not go as far as to say that it looks comfortable.

You likely saw the iPad Head Girl video making rounds in the media last week. Conceived by Thinkmodo’s Michael Krivicka and James L. Percelay as a way to promote Hearst’s first iPad-only magazine CFG (Cosmo For Guys). The video became the #1 most
viewed YouTube video in Science & Tech and has been featured on many tech and news sites. It was  pretty much everywhere.

While the concept seems fairly simple, the video does shed some light on the amount of work that went into this shoot. Who knows, now that the campaign is over, maybe there is an opportunity to re-productize this faux chapeau as a new-wave, expensive lampshade?