ESSP-2000: Sony’s New Storage Battery Holds 2.4kWh, Lasts 10 Years

Sony Japan announced [JP] the ESSP-2000, a storage battery for professional use that serves as a backup power supply unit in the case of emergencies and blackouts. The lithium ion battery stores 2.4kwh, can be charged to 95% in about 2 hours (using conventional power plugs), and it boasts an impressive life span of over 10 years, according to Sony.

The ESSP-2000 has six AC100V power outlets, is sized at 490x610x750mm and weighs 90kg. Sony says that in the case of an outage, it can, for example, power ten 100W desktop PCs for about 2.4 hours.

The company plans to start rolling out the battery in Japan next month (price: $26,000). Sony expects to sell 300 units in the current fiscal year but hasn’t said anything yet regarding international sales plans.