CableKeeps Keep Your Jumbled Mass Of Apple Chargers Nice And Neat

I think we can all agree that one of the worst parts about buying a new gadget is the fact that it’s just one more thing we’ll have to charge, one more electrical socket we’ll have to free up, and one more charger to keep up with. But a new Kickstarter project aims to help deal with that. From a startup called Nice, I proudly introduce to you CableKeeps.

CableKeeps are little molded pockets made of Santoprene rubber that hold your various Apple chargers in a compact, organized manner. So far, Nice has come up with three different models. “Goldie,” for the iPod and iPhone charger, is able to prop up your iPod or iPhone like a little kickstand suspended on the wall. Depending on where your electrical sockets are, this could be a pretty cheap way to watch a movie while your iPhone/iPod charges. Just a thought.

Then we have “Nibbles,” which is designed for the slightly larger iPad USB power adapter. Unfortunately, Nibbles doesn’t have the same kickstand functionality as Goldie, but it’ll still bring a little color to your surge protector. Finally, for our European friends with wacky, tri-pronged electrical sockets, Nice is offering the “Gulp.”

What’s cool — and made clear in the video — is that all the CableKeeps are made right here in the U.S. Nice seems really genuine about keeping things environmentally friendly, and we’re all for that, but it won’t make a difference if funding doesn’t pick up. The project is at $6,580 as of this moment, but needs to reach $35,000 before September 8.

A pledge of $18 or more will get you one special edition CableKeep of your choosing, while $28+ will get you two different CableKeeps, and $40+ scores you all three models. If you’re outside of the States, Nice asks that you add an extra $10 to your pledge for shipping costs.