Vizio’s 8-Inch Android Tablet Hits Shelves With $299 Price Tag

The Vizio Tablet is finally here after its initial debut at CES. Vizio wants desperately to control your home theater experience and the company’s new Android tablet is an integral part of that, acting as the central hub of Vizio’s V.I.A. (Video Internet Apps) Plus ecosystem. Acronyms aside, this means that Vizio’s HDTVs and its tablets will share the same interface and apps, keeping things uniform and easy to use.

As far as specs are concerned, the Vizio Tablet is an 8-inch WiFi-only slate with 2GB of internal storage built right in, and support for a microSD card. The tablet features Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI out, and has a battery life of up to ten hours, says Vizio.

Obviously, the specs on this bad boy aren’t going to change your life, but its price tag may be enough to win you over, at an MSRP of just $299. The Vizio Tablet is currently available at WalMart, Sam’s Club, Costco, and Amazon, along with other similar retailers.