Keen On… What Twitter Is Doing To Our Brains (TCTV)

Not everyone agrees with Nicholas Carr that the Internet is wrecking our brains. Take, for example, UCLA Brain Research Institute professor Dean Buonomano, the author of Brain Bugs: How the Brain’s Flaws Shape Our Lives. While Buonomano accepts that there is a “price to be paid” for the benefits of the Internet, he believes that our brains will eventually adapt to real-time networks like Twitter.

Brain Bugs is an interesting book for both entrepreneurs and marketers. Given that the brain acts as a “computational device,” Buonomano says, it actually controls everything about us – from our associations to our appetites to our buying decisions. And it’s the flaws in our brain, those brain bugs, he explains, that offer the best introduction to how we behave and what we desire and buy.

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