GameFly, Inc To Launch Windows/Mac Digital Distribution Gaming Storefront This Holiday Season

GameFly just made the first step towards a future void of physical media with the pre-announcement of an upcoming digital gaming distribution platform. The announcement is missing any real details, including the service’s name, but it’s said to launch this coming Holiday season.

This service will allow GameFly subscribers to buy Windows/Mac games rather than just renting as usually done through GameFly. This brings a whole new level of use to the GameFly service, which is currently the Netflix of video games. The upcoming computer client is more than just a retail outlet, as well. News, trailers, and video clips will attempt to make the program relevant in the crowded niche market currently dominated by Valve’s Steam digital distribution platform.

Sean Spector, GameFly’s co-founder and SVP of Business Development and Content, “We’re thrilled to bring digital to the gaming consumer in a meaningful way, as no other service or retailer brings physical and digital gaming together like GameFly.”

A closed beta will launch at a September 8, 2011 Los Angeles event. All attendees will receive a beta code for themselves and a friend. Beta codes can also be obtained at the service’s landing page because, you know, not everyone can make it to LA.

This service joins Steam and the EA’s recently launched Origin platform. Before Origin launched just a few months back, Steam was sitting pretty atop the digital distribution mountain. Now, with Origin and GameFly’s service, Steam better start building fortifying its position; the clones are coming.