This Sexy Coffee Gadget Probably Won’t Ever Exist

What is it? A laser cutter? A mod photo enlarger? A microscope? A tattoo remover? Nope, it’s a coffee maker, but an extremely svelte coffee maker. In fact, I imagine this little Nespresso-friendly caffeine inducer would look pretty sweet in your typical “ice hotel” or ad agency lobby.

Clearly, we’ve come a long way since days of yore when a Cuisinart was enough you get you by in the couture circuit.

To answer whether or not industrial design student Tali Shilo’s lovely little coffee machine actually exists yet is another question. Looking in the Yanko online store I don’t see it — though unlike many concepts from Yanko, this one actually seems like a practical design for the real world.

That said, I’m not sure why it’s being billed as a “minimalist” machine, when it’s electrically powered and requires fancy coffee packets. These low-tech coffee solutions are probably a little more minimalist, but this one is definitely cool.

[via Trendhunter]