HTC Launches Developer Support Site, Still No Unlock Tool

Last time we heard from HTC, they had just announced that they would begin to make good on their promise to unlock their devices’ bootloaders. Well, we don’t have that long-awaited unlock tool yet, but thanks to a recent announcement, at least we’ll know where to find it when the time comes.

HTC announced the opening of this morning, which is intended to be a one-stop shop for your tinkering needs. While we’ll have to make do with our locked bootloaders for the time being, we can at least start playing with their OpenSense SDK, which among other things includes SDKs for their Sense 3D interface and the Scribe pen technology. HTC was also kind enough to make the source code and binaries for most of their devices available to boot, which means the ardent Android devs among you have more than enough to play with for now.

While HTC Dev’s contents skew heavily toward their Android offerings, they do also make a token effort to reach to their Windows Phone developer base — one page is dedicated solely to giving up-and-coming developers a crash course on the WP7 development process, but to say it’s sparse is a bit of an understatement. The effort is welcome, and the real onus to drum up developer support is on Microsoft, HTC wculd do well by making the site a little less one-sided. Still, you can hardly blame them — since the heady days of the G1, HTC has been been an Android advocate of the highest order.