Verizon Roadmap Promises September 8 Launch For Droid Bionic Superphone… Finally

Well, look what we have here. Turns out that CEO Sanjay Jha of a little company called Motorola wasn’t lying when he said the long-awaited (like, really long-awaited) Droid Bionic will hit Verizon shelves in September. September 8, to be exact. At least, that’s what this leaked Verizon document obtained by IGN is telling us.

And that’s not all it had to say. Apparently an unannounced BlackBerry Curve 9370 4G will also be making an appearance on September 8, along with the 4G LTE Xoom from Motorola. Another mystery phone, the Samsung Stratosphere, will also launch on the 8th, and is said to be a 4G Android 2.3 device. Some believe that this will be the successor to the Samsung Fascinate, a Verizon-branded Galaxy S variant. Then again, we’ve heard reports that the Galaxy S II will be called the Function for Verizon, so this one’s a bit of a question mark.

Past that we see what looks to be a successor to the LG Revolution landing on October 20, and a 4G radio-equipped device listed as the Samsung Galaxy Tab P8 — what we assume will be the Galaxy Tab 8.9 — slated to hit shelves in November.

We’re also seeing another curious handset set for a September 29 launch, which is supposedly designed specifically for the ladies: the HTC Bliss. The HTC Vigor, a replacement for the ThunderBolt, should hit shelves October 5. Check out the larger image after the break.