Stop! It’s A Really Bad Time To Buy A Kindle

The Kindle is the hottest ereader on the planet but I wouldn’t buy one right now. Nope, we just crossed that threshold where it’s downright silly to buy one right now. You can wait a few weeks. The next-gen model is right around the corner.

Amazon just slashed the prices of refurbished Kindles. A WiFi-only model can now be had for $99 while the 3G version is just $129. That’s cheap — even for a refurb. Kindle 3 accessories also now have a lower price. SlashGear points out that the last time Kindle refurbs and accessories went on sale, the Kindle 3 launched just a month later. That fits the prior rumors that the new ereaders and slates were possibly launching in September or October. Can’t you wait until then?

Amazon has new Kindle models on tap; that’s pretty much accepted as a fact now. Previous rumors stated that they will launch with the much-anticipated Amazon tablet. The fourth-gen Kindle line is said to include a touchscreen model and a low-cost solution. These cuts seem to say Amazon is clearing out the ol’ warehouses in time for the new models.

New Kindle models always bring better e-ink screens, more memory and cleaner styling. It’s said that the popular ereader is going to get a make-over this time around and might even lose its physical keyboard.

There’s another choice, though. The touch-ified Barnes & Noble Nook is a fantastic device. If you can do without the 3G option traditionally found in Kindle products, this is a fine route to ereader land and can be had now for just $139.

Still, it’s worth shelving your Kindle buying plans just a few weeks. The latest hotness is just around the bend. Go get a couple of books from the library and count down the days.