Turn An Email Into Snail Mail For Free

I’m currently looking at an email from US Airways customer support, where the only return contact info available in the email is a physical mailing address WTF — And a visit to the US Airways website reveals a similar over-reliance on snail mail. I mean, who does that? Still? Granted a little bit of on site digging reveals, gasp, phone numbers!

I guess somebody’s still into paper modes of communication — as the below “Fax to Email” pitch from Dragon’s Den, the Canadian version of Shark Tank, proves — because the US Postal Service still, you know, exists. But for how long?

While we wait for the demise of all print, those of us who still need to send Father’s Day greetings to their Dad (and have yet to because they are busy slaving over blog posts for TechCrunch have forgotten how to write an actual letter ) are in luck …

You have 10 more days to use Snail My Email, a service that will handwrite your email and physically send it to your recipient including a doodle, a flower petal, a spray of cologne or other old timey accoutrements if you so chose. Note: You only get one shot, and you have to send your text along with mailing details to snailmailmyemail@gmail.com.

“In a culture overrun with instant gratification and on-demand services, this project cultivates appreciation for the lost art of letter writing,” says the sappy blurb on the project’s website. Damn hippies.

Actual Snail My Email letter, above.