Is The Next Motorola Tablet Called The Kore? All Signs Point To “Yes”

Before we enter the breach, I’d like to ask that you all have your grains of salt at the ready because we’re entering some highly speculative territory. Motorola has been going on a domain shopping spree lately, and thanks to a little snooping by the folks over at Fusible, now we’re all privy to Moto’s purchases.

Five domains,,,,, and, were all registered on August 3. It’s apparently the first batch of domains that Motorola has picked up in quite a while, which lends just a bit of credence to the idea that Motorola has something up its sleeves for the next few months.

Now of course there’s nothing concrete at this point about what the Kore actually is. The registration information lists the technical contact at Motorola Mobility, and the domain’s nameservers confirm it, so at least we’re not getting worked up over the wrong half of Motorola here.

Thankfully, Motorola Mobility CEO has given us some room to play, thanks to some veiled statements he made during an earnings call last week. He admitted that going forward, Motorola was looking to launch two more 4G-capable tablets and at least one more 4G smartphone. The Kore may well be one of the devices he had in mind, and considering his mention of “challenges in being first to market with the Xoom”, my money’s on these domain purchases being their first step of a big marketing push for a new tablet. The Xoom was a bit of a mixed bag when it came to marketing, especially considering their Super Bowl ad looked great but said next to nothing about the tablet. It sounds like Jha and company may have learned their lesson, and the Kore may be the first device to benefit from it.