Belkin Folio Case Adds A Keyboard To Your iPad

Belkin has just announced the availability of their $99 iPad “Folio” case that includes a battery-powered Bluetooth keyboard that would, in theory, turn your iPad 2 into a full-bore mini-computer.

While I, personally, have never been able to use a keyboard/tablet combo with any exuberance, I suspect that this kit, complete with 60-hour battery and a full iPad stand – might make for a better experience.

If you’ve been dreaming of turning your iPad into an ultrabook, this may be your chance.

Keyboard Folio for iPad 2 (F5L090) – $99.99
• Premium suede-like feel with stitching
• TruType™ keys for comfortable typing
• Tri-fold design tucks keyboard away to keep screen protected
• Adjustable angles for viewing and typing
• Rigid backplate for stand stability
• Bluetooth connection avoids messy cables
• 60-hour active battery life
• Micro USB port for charging works with standard cables
• Compatible with iPad 2

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