T-Mobile Customers Continue To Jump Ship, But With Less Haste Than Before

T-Mobile’s customer base has been dwindling for a while now, but the migration from pink seems to be slowing with just 50,000 customers bouncing out of there in the second quarter. That’s compared to the 90,000 T-Mo customers that jumped ship last year. With this past quarter’s losses, T-Mobile’s current subscriber base comprises 33.6 million people — quite a bit less than AT&T’s 90+ million subscribers.

That’s ok though. AT&T’s $39 billion check is going towards wireless spectrum, not new customers. Then again, a boost in pre-paid customers couldn’t hurt, which is exactly the demographic that T-Mobile seems to attract. After losing its deal with Radio Shack, T-Mobile has signed a new agreement with 7-Eleven to sell pre-paid phones in its convenient stores.

As far as contract customers go, T-Mobile saw a dip from just over 26 million subscribers at the end of March to 25.8 million by June 30. On the other hand, T-Mo’s prepaid customer base increased from 7.6 million to 7.8 million during the same period. T-Mo’s parent company, Duetsche Telekom, doesn’t seem to pleased about little pink’s performance, mentioning that “the contract-customer situation remains unsatisfactory” in its earnings release.