Slidelight iPad App Is A Flipboard-Instagram Hybrid

A new iPad app out of Warsaw, Poland may have what it takes to be the Flipboard of photography. Dubbed Slidelight and published by Macoscope, the app does most of the heavy lifting for you, pulling in Instagram pictures through various filters and formatting them in the most enjoyable way possible. In fact, according to the app description, Slidelight is “packed with such an amount of joy it’s like an endorphins overdose.”

While we’re not quite sure if you’ll actually keel over from all the fun, all in all this looks like a pretty beautiful app. Slidelight filters photos from Instagram into categories like bikes, commuting, puppies, cats, European capitals, shapes and sizes, music, macro photography, sports, fashion, and design, among others. But the overdose-inducing joy doesn’t stop there. Slidelight also grabs photos taken in your area and creates a special little location-based filter (a bit like Color).

Another filter — one I predict will be one of the most popular categories within Slidelight — is for celebrities’ Instagram pics. Remember that one time Justin Bieber took an incredibly uninteresting picture of traffic and Instagram blew up? Well, that picture of cars on a freeway would fall into this category. Obviously, you can sign into Instagram and have a filter based on your and your friends’ photos, too.

The app is currently listed for $2.99 in the Apple App Store and requires iOS 4.2 or later.