Netflix Hits A Million Subscribers In Canada

Rejoice! It only took 10 months for Netflix to rack up a million users in Canada. They launched in September of 2010, and in July a lucky Canuck by the name of Amanda, in the province they call Manitoba, became their one-millionth subscriber. She wins a lifetime subscription to Netflix’s streaming service and a lifetime of people asking if they can somehow “get in on that.”

That’s really all the news.

Something to consider, though: Netflix still has a lot of growth coming its way in Canada. They have 25 million subscribers in the US and Canada combined, which, if my math is right, means there are 24 million in the US. That’s around 8% of the population! Whereas, in Canada, the number being served is less than 3%.

With solid broadband penetration and rather long winters, streaming Netflix seems a perfect match for our friends in the north. Maybe they’re afraid they’ll go over their bandwidth caps?