Yet Another Questionable iPhone 5 “Spy Shot” Pops Up

We’ve seen a Bigfoot-esque iPhone 5. We’ve seen a totally fake (but supposedly based on the real deal) iPhone 5. Now, meet: the oddly angled, questionably skewed iPhone 5.

This shot comes from MacRumors forum-goer guigsh, and has been blasting off around the blogs all morning. Guigsh claims that he had hands-on with the device for “only 2 minutes” with “pictures forbidden”, all taking place “in the office of a French operator.”

Now, on the upside: this shot fits well enough with some of the rumors we’ve been hearing for so long: Slimmer? Yep. Smaller bezel around the display? Sure. But what about the tapered back? Or the more pronounced rounded edges? Ehhhh — slightly so, but that could be side effect of stretching/distorting in Photoshop.

Speaking of which, I’m pretty sure that’s whats going on here. Stare at the image for a minute or two, and stuff just starts to seem.. off. Then you start to notice it: why is his index finger so long? Why is the ear piece hole gaping like that? Why the heck is he holding it like that? The longer you look at it, the more it looks like a stretched out iPhone 4 being held in such a way to minimize obvious stretching of the fingers.

Forum hero roow110 set out to recreate the shot with his iPhone 4 and a dash of Photoshop distortion. Here is his “literally 30 second Photoshop job” (Note for clarity: The photo below is a confirmed fake attempting to recreate the shot above so as to debunk it):

Looks like this is myth is busted to me. What do you think?

(Update: Myth double-busted! Giz found that this image was floating around a full day before Guigsh posted it as his own, and was originally captioned (in French) with “A picture like this could drive some sites crazy…”)