Microsoft Responds To Google’s Response To Microsoft’s Response

If you thought that Microsoft and Google, two massive public companies, would quickly and quietly retire behind the scenes to continue their fight after their very public back-and-forth over the past couple of days, you’d be wrong. Well, maybe they are fighting behind the scenes too, but the pissing match continues in public as well. Good for us!

In the interest of covering both sides of the story (and certainly not because this storyline is full of great fodder, generating massive interest — and pageviews), here’s the latest retort from Microsoft. Once again, Microsoft’s head of communications, Frank Shaw, is firing back at Google’s head legal guy, David Drummond, for his most recent update to his blog post from yesterday. And Shaw is doing it again on Twitter.

For those who have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, a refresher:

Shaw’s most interesting Tweet in response reads as follows:

Why? BECAUSE they wanted to buy something that they could use to assert against someone else.

That’s Shaw asserting that Google held out of a Novell patent partnership bid so they could find other patents to assert against others. Google’s stance on the patent matter has always been that they only want them for defensive purposes, so you know this jab must really piss them off.

Hopefully that means another response!

Until then, here are Shaw’s Tweets:!/fxshaw/status/99217032838512640!/fxshaw/status/99217473701818369!/fxshaw/status/99217585115119616!/fxshaw/status/99217644988792834

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